About US

Masoumi Publication Service
for Science and Culture

Masoumi Publication Service for Science & Culture, based in Tehran, is a team of writers, editors and proofreaders to create English publications in Iran. Its main goal is to produce science in Iran, be it domestics or internationally. In other words, its role is to create standard level books well organized based on the title of the books. All the publications are well organized by observing special methods for quality assurance methods, so that the readers can easily read and understand the content of the books.

Another goal of ours is to support and protect those who have recently come into the world of books and publications, as our social responsibility. We can help the new writers to create their works as easily as possible while respecting their rights for intellectual property.

Our missions are

  • Produce science in Iran
  • Support and protects the new writers
  • Protect Intellectual Property of those engaged in books